Temporary Employee Benefits

Weekly Paychecks


We want you to be paid as soon as possible, so we pay our staffing employees weekly.  Please be sure that your timesheet is correct and on time so that your hours can be processed promptly.  If you need a timesheet, please print out a copy from the "Forms" section.

Direct Check Deposit

Enjoy the convenience of direct deposit of your paycheck into your checking account each week.  When your timesheet is processed, your funds are deposited to your account the next Friday following your work week.  If you are interested in signing up for direct deposit, download the direct deposit registration form and print out a copy of the form.  Complete it and attach a voided check in the space provided, and fax it to our office at 703.847.0110

Referral Bonuses

As an incentive for you to refer your friends, neighbors, and family members who you feel would make good employees, Prime Temps Staffing, Inc. offers a referral bonus.

The bonus will be paid after the person referred has worked 500 regular hours during a 6-month period.  Instruct the person you are referring to us to put your name and contact information on their application under "How did you hear about Prime Staffing, Inc.?"

We are proud that our number one source of qualified applicants comes from personal referrals from people who know and trust our reputation for success.

Holiday Pay

Temporary staffing employees are able to qualify for Holiday Pay once they have worked 1500 hours (excluding overtime) in the past 12 months from the date of the holiday.


Recognized Holidays:

New Year's Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

The employee must work 24 hours the weeks of Christmas and Thanksgiving and 32 hours for other holidays.


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